Unconventional Knowledge About Letterman Jacket That You Can’t Learn From Books

So you think that jackets are worn only to keep you warm during winter season. Think again! You don’t have to settle in with a jacket like that. Search your closet and take out that varsity or letterman jacket which you used to put on in high school or college. Yes! They have made a stylish comeback! Just pair that prestigious letterman jacket and accessorize it with a complementary set of clothes and sizzle.

A century has elapsed, but varsity continues to rule the roost. You can spot a high school goer or a skater on the street donning this casual jacket. Even the ramp around the world boasts of this swanky style in the hall of fame.

How Letterman Jacket is Bringing Sexy Back

Today, you don’t have to be a baseball or football champion to own a custom letterman jacket with patches. All you need is to head to a store and find the color that goes well with your overall personality. It is time to seek inspiration from the ’90s era and pull off your funkiest look. Check out some top styles below

What Are Letterman Jackets Made Of?

The letterman jacket has moved from the traditional wool body and leather sleeve to more unusual options. Here, we present you the fabrics using which the fashion designers have retained its top position.

How To Clean A Letterman Jacket?

The letterman jacket is easy to care for but their cleaning depends on the fabric. If it is a synthetic jacket, you can wash it in the machine. Whereas to clean the jacket made using wool and leather is an arduous task. To enhance the longevity of your varsity, it is quintessential that you take proper care. Follow the steps below

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